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AMADA LC-3015F1NT, the latest technology in 3 axis laser and the first of its kind in Oklahoma. With a maximum cutting speed of 2,362" per minute, this laser outperforms all other 3 axis. Cleanly cuts 1" plate at a rate of 40" per minute.
Maximum axis travel:
Maximum mass of load:
Rapid traverse:
Maximum cutting speed:
Cutting head:
Z-axis sensor:
Oscillator model:
Machine weight:
Power requirement:
120.9" x 61" 3.9"
2,028 lbs.
X,Y, Z: 4,724"/min
X, Y: 1.5GZ: 3G
HS-2007 (Anti-plasma, noise resistant)
AF-4000i-B (4kW)
28,660 lbs. (including oscillator)
Machine: 51 kVA, Oscillator: 55 kVA, Chiller : 27 kVA
Amada LC-3015 F1 Nt Laser

Sheet Metal Fabrication:
We are a full service quality-oriented company serving our customers with a wide range of applications, from precision sheet metal to heavy plate. Our talented sheet metal staff along with our skilled craftsmen work together to provide high quality custom metal products.
Amada EMK 3610 CNC Turret Press 58 Station 4 Auto Index Station 33 ton Max material sheet: 60" x196"
Amada HFB 1704 CNC Press Brake, 187 ton, Bend length 144"
Amada RG-355 CNC Press Brake, 35 ton, Bend length 48"
Amada Pega 357 CNC Turret Press 58 Station, 2 Auto Index Station, 33 ton, Max material sheet: 50" x 144"
Amada TOGU 3 Tool Sharpener
10' shear , 1/4" Capacity
ACRA Vertical Mill
Pemserter Series 4 Fastener Installation Press, 18" throat, 6 Ton
Amada EMK 3610

Over 10,000 square feet of climate controlled assembly area, 25 foot bay height. Secure bays can be provided based upon your proprietary and confidentiality needs. Surveillance cameras are in every area of the facility to provide maximum security.
Complex Assembly Services
Hardware Installation
Complete Packaging Options
Crating As Requested
MIL Spec Part Marking
Bag N Tag

Machine Shop:
ALL Mazaks are Mazatrol and EIA. Machining services including drilling, boring, tapping, threading, knurling, parting/cutting, facing, internal forming, counterboring, countersinking, pocketing, profiling, reaming, thread milling, broaching, contouring and grinding. Climate controlled with a highly skilled work force.
2ea Mazak H630 CNC Horizontal Machining Center M32 Control 2 Pallets 4 Axis
2ea Mazak Slant Turn 50n CNC Lathes
FUSION 640 Control, 24" Chucks 1 6" Through Hole, 1 10" Through Hole, 80" Centers
Mazak 655 CNC Vertical Machining Center
FUSION 640 Control 25 x 60 Table 4 Axis
Mazak 160 CNC Vertical Machining Center
FUSION 640 16 x 44 Table
Mazak 200 CNC Vertical Machining Center
FUSION 640 Control 20 x 44 Table
2ea Mazak 510 CNC Nexus High Speed Vertical  Machining Center
Mazak slant turn 450 CNC Lathe Fusion 640 Control 15" Chuck
Mitsubishi Bridge Mill CNC MELDAS Control EIA 78 x 165 Table, 90 Degree Head
HAAS VF-8/50 CNC Vertical Machining Center HAAS Control EIA 60 x 68 Table
2ea HAAS High Speed CNC Routers HAAS Control EIA 60 x 144 Table
2ea Mazak 510 CNC Nexus 2 High Speed Vertical Machining Center Matrix Controls 20 x 40 Tables
Mazak Quick Turn 20HP CNC lathe T-Plus Control 8" Chuck
Mazak Quick Turn 25L CNC Lathe T-Plus Control 12" Chuck
Mazak Nexus 350 CNC Lathe FUSION 640 Control 12" Chuck, Live Tooling
Mazak Super Velocity Center CNC FUSION 640 Control 16 x 120 Table
Mazak Nexus 450 II CNC Fusion 640 Control 18 Chuck , 72" Centers, 6" Through Holes
Manual Horizontal Mill 80x 80 Table Full 4th Axis
4 Manual Bridgeport Knee Mills
1 IKEDA Radial Arm Drill Press
1 Bridgeport Manual Lathe 10" Chuck, 60" Centers
Large Mill


Weld Fabrication Shop:
With over 130 years of combined experience our staff of certified welders will ensure your weld specifications are met, be they simplistic or complex, low volume or high, we will meet or exceed your requirements. MIG weld, TIG weld, aluminum, stainless and carbon steel.
10 Ton Overhead Crane ( 18' hook height )
2 Ton Overhead Crane ( 18' hook height)
SP2030HLA HE&M Saw
H90-A HE&M Saw
14" Doringer Cold Saw
Manual Ellis Horizontal Miter Band Saw
3ea Miller Deltaweld Power Sources (Flux/Mig)
14ea Millermatic 252 Mig Welders
4ea Miller Syncrowave Tig Welders
Millermatic 350-P Aluminum Wire Feed Welder
Lincoln Electric 350 Aluminum Wire Feed Welder
4ea Hobart Hypertherm Plasma cutter
Millermatic 185 Mig Welder
Preston Easton Pin Wheel
2ea Milwaukee Mag Drills
Preston Easton Pipe Roll
4' 16 Gauge Slip Roll
Flight Simulation Platform

Paint and Chemical Film:
Part of our full service offering includes painting to MIL SPEC standards. Our painters have a combined 35 years of experience and our climate controlled paint facility houses a 20' x 20' x 15' JBI Paint Booth. Powder coat is also an available offering. We use only the highest quality materials:
Polane B
Polane T
High Solids Polyurethanes
Marine Coatings
Jones Blair
Performance Ave-360M
Chroma One
Variprime 615S
Full Service Paint

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